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Whakatane Beginners Photography Course

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whakatane beginners photography courses

What the course will cover

  • Camera types and crop factor explained

  • Finding your way around your camera

  • How to hold your camera

  • What the numbers mean

  • Caring for your camera

  • Accessories to compliment the photographic experience.

  • Connecting your camera to your PC

  • Basic computer requirements

  • Software

  • Image Storage

  • Re-sizing and emailing photos

  • Lens basics. (types, focal lengths, the numbers)

  • Shooting modes

  • File Formats

  • Exposure basics (shutter, aperture and ISO)

  • Exposure Compensation

  • High ISO positives and Negatives

  • White Balance

  • Histograms

  • Focusing your camera / pre-focusing

  • Metering Modes

  • Your built in flash / Add on flash guns / Flash Modes.

  • Fill Flash

  • DOF

  • Basic Composition


  • Length of Course: 4 Weeks

  • Time per Session: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

  • Time of Session: 6.30 PM

  • Sessions per Week: 1 Session

  • Cost for Beginners Photography Course: $149.00

Beginners Photography

For more information about the Beginner Courses and how to enroll please email us at and we will email you back with the Enrollment Forms for you to fill out and send back to us or come into Lazer Photos & Cameras and we will get you to fill out Enrollment Forms.

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